The Nanooz

Els Nanooz

By Mercedes Marro

Written by Llorenç Espanyol

Produced by Tomavistas
Televisió de Catalunya

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Thousands of Nanooz, a kind of tiny super-creature from the countryside, live inside a small old wooden tube. Every time someone opens the tube, the Nanooz fly out and ask what they can do to help. For them, work is fun.
The Nanooz have now fallen into the hands of Lydia, an 11 year old girl whose philosophy is to make the least effort possible.
One could say that Lydia is lazy, slow… but -surprise, surprise- she suddenly wakes up when something interests her, especially dance routines.
When Lydia discovers that the Nanooz are willing to do anything she asks, she realizes that she could use them to effortlessly reach her dreams. What she does not know is that chaos.


  • Animation
  • 26x11 '
  • Children
  • Other
  • Colour
  • HD
  • English