Lucky Fred (II)

By Myriam Ballesteros

Written by Txema Ocio

Produced by Imira Entertainment
Televisió de Catalunya
RAI Fiction

Sales Agents Imira Entertainment

Lucky Fred season 1 rapidly became one of the most successful kids animation series to come our of Europe, selling to over 165 territories and being broadcast around the globe on leading TV channels and networks including Disney, Nickelodeon, Discovery Kids, TF1, TVA Canada, Televisa, and more recently Netflix.

In season 2, we follow the further adventures of ordinary happy-go-lucky 13 years old Fred, and his super-powered, shape-shifting robot called Friday who can turn into any object Fred can dream of, but who also has a mind of his own. Together along with Fred's weirdish next-door neighbour Braianna who is really Agent Brains, a highly skilled member of a secret intergalactic security force and assigned to protect planet Earth before an alien attack becomes public knowledge.


  • Comedy, Adventure
  • 52x12 '
  • Children
  • Other Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • 2D Digital HD
  • English