I, Elvis Riboldi

Jo, Elvis Riboldi

By Javier Galán

Written by Javier Galán, Daniel González Guerrero, Franck Ekinci

Produced by Peekaboo Animation
Insomne Estudi
Wuji House
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Elvis Riboldi is a good boy with a huge heart who always means well. He's energetic, optimistic, passionate, he's full of life! He reflects the joy of being a child... but taken to the extreme. He's too energetic, too optimistic and too passionate, so things get way out of control. Thus, he's often involved into trouble, not because he looks for it, but because trouble just finds him. And every time Elvis tries to face a problem, the problem tends to get... bigger.
This is an absurd, entertaining character-driven comedy series that explains the adventures of Elvis and his friends in Icaria, a place where, according to some people, nothing ever happened until Elvis was born.



  • Comedy
  • 52x11 '
  • Children
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • 2D Digital
  • English, Spanish, Catalan, French