Coconut, The Little Dragon (II)

El Petit Drac Coco (II)

By Tony Powell

Written by Tony Powell, Richard Brookes

Produced by GoldBee
Televisió de Catalunya
Caligari Film

Sales Agents GoldBee

Based on best-selling books the adventures of Coconut and his friends now come to life in a wonderful animated series. Life is not always easy on Dragon Island - Coconut has flying problems, Oscar is the only vegetarian in his family and Matilda has no say as a porcupine on Dragon Island anyway. Nevertheless the three friends manage to solve every problem on Dragon Island while making new friends along the way. With the help of curiosity and teamwork, they bring the most varied types of dragons together and always stand up for friendship and tolerance. The little ones prove that sometimes the smallest can be the biggest.





  • Animation
  • 52x12 '
  • Children
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • 3D Stereoscopic
  • English, Catalan