Cyborgs Among Us

Cíborgs entre nosaltres

By Rafel Duran

Written by Rafel Duran

Produced by Media 3.14
Televisió de Catalunya
Televisión Española - TVE
Yuzu Productions

Sales Agents Java Films

In a few years, technology will merge with our bodies in ways that today seem unimaginable and will redefine the limits of what constitutes a human being. Nowadays, there are already people crossing the boundary just for the sake of it – implanting electronic devices that give them capacities that go beyond what is ‘normal.' They are the first cyborgs, and they face society's reaction, ranging from mistrust to enthusiasm. Currently, they are only a small minority and many people see them as weird experimenters but, in the near future, we may recognize them as pioneers.



  • Documentary
  • 52 '
  • +13
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  • Colour
  • HD
  • Catalan