Singled [Out]

By Mariona Guiu, Ariadna Relea

Written by Ariadna Relea, Mariona Guiu

Produced by Suricata Stories
Televisió de Catalunya
Lacivert Film
In association with:
Un Capricho de Producciones

Sales Agents Rise and Shine World Sales

Singled [Out] tells the story of five educated women in four corners of the world: Jules in Melbourne, Manu in Barcelona, Shu and Yang in Shanghai, and Melek in Istanbul. They all travel solo in a world where pairing up is the norm. Together with the voices of some well-known experts in the fields of sociology, law and demography, the film unveils modern love in the era of choice, and is a journey to the heart of being a single woman today.



  • Social, Documentary
  • 70 '
  • Adults
  • Digital 5.1 Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • HD
  • English, Spanish, Catalan, Turkish, Mandarin