The Nature of Tarkovski

Naturalesa Tarkovski

By Elena Vilallonga

Written by Elena Vilallonga

Cast Marina Tarkovskaya, Alexander Gordon, Mila

Produced by Pi producciones

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A poetic approach to Tarkovski's Nature, its place of origin, which constitutes a specific time and space, and is his sister Marina, who recalls both their childhoods, marked by their father's departure, by the war and famine, and by the character of the dacha in which he grows up surrounded by women. Where the cherry tree blossoms, and where the two of them walk barefoot and discover the beauty and cruelty of the world. Reality, the reality which the filmmaker translates into his films, until a collapse, already far away from that landscape, distances him definitively from that childhood; nature is flux and metamorphosis, not always kind, it is return and departure...



  • Documentary
  • 23 '
  • +12
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • Russian, Spanish