Susi. The Elephant in the Room

Susi. Una elefanta a l'habitació

By Ana Luz Sanz

Written by Ana Luz Sanz

Produced by Camille Zonca
Al Aire Producciones

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Susi is a social transmedia documentary about Susi, the elephant who has been kept in rough conditions in Barcelona zoo since 2002. Given the obvious deterioration of her health, in 2009, the animal rights group Libera! launched campaign to send her to live in semi-liberty. Even though it was unsuccessful, it gave rise to ZOO XXI, an international proposal to restructure zoological parks with the aim of adapting them to abandon the logic of ‘using' animals, to move on to the idea of ‘usefulness' of zoos for them.
Our project is an immersive webdoc experience that shows the user the point of view of Susi, her life story and information and interviews related to the Zoo XXI initiative. We use 360-degree tech as well as gamification to encourage the user to participate in creating and sharing content.



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  • Catalan