The Sunken Field

L'era enfonsada

By Eva Casas Martínez

Written by Eva Casas Martínez

Cast Amparo Martínez Martínez , Josep Mª Casas Solà, Eva Casas Martínez, Joan Cremades Soler, Mª Antonia Nuñez Cabrera, Miquel Ballús Costa, Mª Fe Lozano Lora, Fermí Serra Vilardell, Bouchra el Ach-hab Ressa

Produced by Universitat Pompeu Fabra

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The main idea of the work is to present a portrait of a couple who breed rabbits, to show and raise awareness of the instability of the livestock and agricultural sector in Catalonia today.


  • Documentary
  • 17 '
  • +12
  • Other
  • Colour
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  • Spanish