No obstant

By Antonio Lama Cort├ęs

Written by Salvador Bernabé, Antonio Lama Cortés

Cast Albert Boira, María Santallusia, Carles Fiestas, Andreu Aisa Vázquez, Olga Onrubia Nebot, María Gómez Nevot

Produced by Fuera de Campo Films

Sales Agents Fuera de Campo Films

Every day, Mariano, a middle-aged businessman, goes to the same bank branch, where he spends the entire morning to make a single transaction: some days he makes a withdrawal and others he makes a deposit, alternatively; yet the transaction always involves the same sum of money.
At first, the doings of the mysterious client go unnoticed, but gradually, the bank employees begin to notice his presence, to the point of wanting to find out what it is that brings Mariano there every day.


  • Comedy
  • 15 '
  • TBC
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • Red One HD
  • Spanish