Sweet pain

Dolorosa joia

By Gonzalo López

Written by Gonzalo López

Cast Pep Tosar, Amiran Terekhov, Fede Terra, Carles García - Llidó, Paula Celieres, Cristian Monasterio, Meri Angles, Albert Nualart, Marta Cobo, Paco Benjumea

Produced by Sweet Water Pictures
In association with:
AVED Produccions

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Carlo, a young composer from a wealthy family, is going through an emotional crisis. When he moves to a new house he recalls the events and factors that led to his current state: the moment he met Maria, his first marriage, his obsession with music, infidelity and its consequences. While the past returns in the form of memories, Carlo fights to recover his life and desire to compose music.


  • Drama
  • 79 '
  • +18
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • 1:85 2 K Arri Alexa
  • No dialogue