In My Steps


By Claudio Sestieri

Written by Claudio Sestieri, Patricia Pistagnesi, Nicola Molino

Cast Marta Angelique Cavallari, Haru Maya Murofushi, Sebastian Pier Giorgio Bellocchio, Muriel Antona Liskova, Adriano José Maria Blanco, Vera Marina Esteve

Produced by Gris Medio
Blue Film

Sales Agents TVCO

After a swimming accident that leaves her seriously injured, Marta Strinati, an Olympic diver, finds herself disoriented and alone. So, she leaves the city of Barcelona and moves to a medieval Italian hilltop town surrounded by the most incredible and unspoiled countryside. Marta reopens the studio-cum-home of her father, a painter who died recently, and meets Sebastian, one of the many artists living in the village, a man of unquestionable charisma, who is magnetic, touchy. At his exhibition, she discovers his paintings, all of the same muse, a Japanese girl, both disturbing and reassuring, and feels a strong sense of déjà vu. Suddenly, the model of the paintings, is there beside her, and it is immediately apparent that the mysterious oriental girl will have a huge effect on her life… Marta's encounter with Haru, the model of all the hyper-realistic paintings on show at the exhibition, soon develops into an affair that Marta realizes she can't live without, a sort of blighting physical and mental obsession. An extreme Stendhal syndrome, or just a love as strong as death? 


  • Fantasy
  • 90 '
  • +18
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • 1:85 2D Digital RED EPIC / HD
  • Italian