Matadero: an Iberian thriller

Matadero. Un thriller Ibérico

By Jordi Frades

Written by Daniel Martín Saez de Parayuelo

Cast Antonio Garrido, Lucía Quintana, Pepe Viyuela, Carmen Ruiz, Tito Valverde, Gines Garcia Millan, Camila Viyuela

Produced by Diagonal Televisió

Sales Agents Endemol Shine International

In the midst of Castile's endless fields of grain swaying in the wind, in a place further than the eye can see, is a sleepy town where Francisco, an entrepreneur in the meat processing business, has set up his slaughterhouse. He imports cheap, low-grade pigs from Portugal and then sells them off. His brother-in-law, Alfonso, works in the slaughterhouse. A veterinarian by profession, Alfonso is a weak and cowardly man who deep down is tired of looking the other way, certifying animals of dubious quality. What Alfonso doesn't know is that a number of these animals are carriers for drugs. An unexpected situation will upend his anodyne life.


  • Black Comedy
  • 10x70 '
  • +16
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish