Les Perseides

By Alberto Dexeus, Ă€nnia GabarrĂ³

Written by Alberto Dexeus, Ànnia Gabarró, Miguel Ángel Blanca

Cast Nora Sala-Patau, Edu Buch, Carmela Poch

Produced by Boogaloo Films
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

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It's August and it looks like Mar (12) is going to have the most boring holidays of her life. David (45), her dad, is taking her to the town where he grew up, between the River Ebro and the Monegros Desert. He is going through a difficult time: he just got divorced and feels uncertain about how to deal with his daughter. Once they get there, Mar meets a group of teenagers who have a different way of living and seeing life, who will encourage her to discover a mysterious town and, consequently, understand and get closer to her dad.



  • Fiction
  • 80 '
  • General Audiences
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • 1:85 4 K
  • Catalan, Spanish