TrashFilms: The Movie

CineBasura: La peli

By Miguel Ángel Viruete, Paco Fox

Written by Fernando Hugo Rodrigo Blanco

Cast Miguel Ángel Aijón, Paco Fox, Natalia Bilbao, Darío Frías, Carlos Zapata, Alejandra Saba, Agustín Jiménez, Amarna Miller, Agustín Jiménez

Produced by Pecker Audiovisuals

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Two distracted videobloggers accidentally open an interdimensional gateway between the world of trash films and our own. Crappy creatures from the worst films ever are invading the world. Our heroes will have to sort things out facing zombies, fish-men, terrorists, cyborgs and fans of Christopher Nolan.


  • Comedy, Science Fiction
  • 90 '
  • +12
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish