Some Time Later

Tiempo después

By José Luis Cuerda

Written by José Luis Cuerda

Cast Arturo Valls, Roberto Álamo, Miguel Rellán, Nerea Camacho, Blanca Suárez, Andreu Buenafuente, Berto Romero, Raul Cimas, Joaquin Reyes

Produced by El Terrat
Atresmedia Cine
Tiempo despues AIE
Estela Films
Polvora Films
Lanube películas
Planar Gestao de Equipamentos Cinematográficos

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In 9177, give or take a thousand years (there's no point in being finicky about these details) the whole world, and, according to some authors, the universe too, has been reduced to a single Representative Building and squalid suburbs inhabited by all of the out-of-work and hungry in the cosmos. One of the down and outs, José María, decides that by facing up to the difficulties and selling his delicious homemade lemonade in the Representative Building, another world is possible.


  • Comedy
  • TBC
  • Dolby Digital
  • Colour
  • 16mm