Against the tide


By Pep Santiago

Written by Pep Santiago

Produced by Limmat Films

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Albert, a young man aged 21, is diagnosed with his third cancer and this time he is determined to battle it again, but in his own way.

With nothing but a camera, he starts recording his own experiences and explaining what he is going through, and so “Vivir a Contracorriente” is born.
“Vivir a Contracorriente” ("Living against the tide") promptly becomes a social movement that breaks with the existing taboos around cancer and shares a new perspective of the disease with the world, a new way of facing cancer based on communication, a healthy lifestyle and, especially, an insatiable will to live, instead of fighting to survive on a bed.

This Internet-spread social phenomenon will bring Albert's fight to the hearts of thousands of people worldwide.





  • Documentary
  • 60 '
  • +12
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Catalan, Spanish