Oh My Goig (II)

By Aïda Torrent Ciudad

Written by Camilo Villaverde, Pau Serracant , Anna Soldevila, Equip de continguts del CJAS (Centre Jove Atenció Sexualitats)

Cast Ricard Balada, Maria Villarejo, Laura Solé, Berta Cascante, Ibra Cessay, Lara Oliete, Eloi Martín Casanovas, Marc Aguilar Sebastián , Quique Martín , Rafa Valls, Carlos Belenguer, Carmela Terrón, Lara Rubin , Víctor Segué, Jordi Rodríguez, David López González, Nil Coral, Maite Bassa, Albert Martí Panadès

Produced by Camille Zonca

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Season 2 of Oh My Goig (translated as Oh My Pleasure), a sex education transmedia series for young audiences produced by betevé. This season is focused on false myths of sexuality and refuting them, promoting a positive, responsible and free sex life. Every episode consists of a fiction which recreates one of these myths; and also, a debate with a young group about that fiction. They give their opinion based on their own personal experiences and, at the end, they are invited to choose the best conclusion for the fiction, encouraging interaction. The format is complemented with informational short videos presented by Oh My Goig's host, educator Noe Elvira.  



  • Education
  • 13x28 '
  • +13
  • Other
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Catalan