Crazy World


By David Broncano, Ricardo Castella

Written by Joan Grau

Cast David Broncano

Produced by El Terrat

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David Broncano presents a humorous programme which analyses from his point of view what's happening in this ‘Crazy World'. There are no boundaries geographically or thematically that can stop Broncano when it comes to commenting on all kinds of issues that are completely necessary on TV today: cyber-bullying, gentrification, euthanasia, post-truth politics, drugs or sheiks. He's not alone as he's accompanied by a wide range of contributors and comedians such as Quequé, Ricardo Castella, Jorge Ponce, Paco Calavera, Ignatius Farray and Dani Rovira.


  • Comedy
  • 12x25 '
  • TBC
  • Dolby Digital
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish