Emmy & GooRoo

Emmy & Gooroo

By Leno Mia, Mercedes Marro

Written by Leanne Passafonti, Llorenç Español, Marta-Libertad Castillo, David Barón, Cristina Broquetas, WeiMiao Xu, ChenXin Wu, XiangTing Xiong

Produced by Tomavistas
Left Pocket

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Emmy is our brave little hero. She is a real 5-year-old girl and the only human little girl in the whole forest, which makes her extra special! Emmy loves exploring the fantastical world she lives in. GooRoo, a big, furry and huggable creature, takes care of her when they go out to play, while mom and dad search for the rarest of unique and magical plants hidden within the wonderful surroundings. They all live together in a cute little house at the edge of the forest. The world is full of fabulous creatures, such as animals and plants that can talk, dance... and even cook! Every day brings a brand new adventure and exciting challenges for Emmy and GooRoo to seek out and overcome in this inviting world.


  • Animation
  • 52x11 '
  • Pre-School (0-6)
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • HD
  • English, Mandarin