By Frederic C Schwaneberg, Roger Córdoba Schwaneberg

Written by Frederic C Schwaneberg, Romain Van Liemt, Dominique Latil, Guillem Dols, Nick Chapman

Produced by Kotoc

Sales Agents Planeta Junior

When four kids discover the hidden One Tower it is as if all their heroic dreams suddenly became reality. Together with the One Tower they had also found the Elemental Bracers, which allows them to call and fight with the legendary Gormiti. But the Tower revealed itself for a reason: the Darkans, Gormiti ancestral enemies, are back, threatening all living beings in Gorm. Unprepared, the kids need to learn how to become true heralds. With the help of Ao-Ki, the girl tasked to train them, the new heroes will master the Elemental Bracers, call the legendary Gormiti and save their world. Gormiti is a series about team work, friendship, achieving goals and having fun.


  • Action, Comedy
  • 52x11 '
  • 6 to 9 years
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • 3D Digital
  • English