Cécile petite fille de raison

By Joan Bofill Amargós

Written by Joan Marimón i Joan Bofill

Cast Cécile Eluard

Produced by Juan Javier Bofill Amargós

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Cécile Eluard, born in 1918, was the fruit of the marriage between the surrealists Paul Eluard and Gala. Biographers and specialists have always said that when Gala met Salvador Dalí he completely forgot about her daughter. Cécile Eluard at the age of 96 explains for the first time in front of the camera her life and her relationship with her mother.



  • Documentary
  • 60 '
  • TBC
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • HDTV
  • English, French, Catalan, Spanish