Citizen Fernando Gallego: Dance or Die

Ciutadà Fernando Gallego: balla o mor

By Alex Salgado del Tarré, Jorge Rodriguez

Written by Alex Salgado del Tarré

Cast Fernando Gallego

Produced by Petra Garmon

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Fernando Gallego is a DJ, but not just anybody: Nando Dixkontrol. For many he is an anonymous character, completely unknown, but there was a time when he was the epicentre of a sound earthquake and amassed fortunes. The party spread wherever he was. He was the party. His figure concentrated the essence of a generation of young people who claimed the weekend as a playful space, as a place to express themselves away from the facade of daily life. How? Dancing. Non-stop. Today, 30 years after the sublimation of the DJ as supreme medium, the equation remains in force, but Nando Dixkontrol is no longer a claim and Fernando Gallego refuses to die. From the honey of success, to the abyss of oblivion; to dance or to die, there is no other way.


  • Biography
  • 112 '
  • Adults
  • Ultra Stereo
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish